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How to Adopt a Rabbit in Singapore

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As you'd already knew from my last post, I recently adopted a Holland Lop rabbit!

Introducing Hannah, the bunny...

She was found by a dog rescuer, Voices of Animals, at a local dog breeding farm after it was forced to close down due to negligence. There weren't any other rabbits in the farm. The saddest thing is...she only had mouldy pellets in her food bowl at the breeder's farm, nothing else. No one to care for her, no other bunny family, no fresh hay, etc. She's been suffering from snuffles and teeth problems as a result of a bad diet back in the farm.
My partner & I decided to take Hannah in, as we both have had experience of raising Feefee, our first lop bunny...and Feefee passed on 5 years ago. 
Do you know? A Holland lop bunny is pretty much like a puppy, with an intelligence level equivalent to a 3-year old child. They have emotions & feelings just like anyone of us.

How to Adopt a Rabbit in Singapore
She can do tricks like turning in circles and standing on exchange for her favourite treats. Haha.

Bunnies for adoption singapore
 Food pellets are not a rabbit's main diet. 

Bunnies for adoption singapore
 Hay is.

The reason why I got a bit off-topic to blog about pet adoption is because, I really hope to spread the message of Adopt, Don't Buy

This is a cause that's very near to my heart.

Pet stores source their animals from breeders. Most pet store owners and breeders are out for profits and do not genuinely care for the welfare of animals. The conditions of breeding farms are usually horrible. If you have ever passed by a pet shop, you may notice how jacked-up the prices of pet bunnies are... one young bunny is sold at a hefty SGD180-500! Pet trade is all about $$$, not out of love for animals. My Feefee was bought from a local breeder 7 years ago, because I didn't know better.

AND if you don't know, animal shelters such as SPCA are eventually forced to put  down these poor babies due to space constraints. YES, countless of innocent animals die when their owners abandon them!

If you care about animals, don't buy from a pet store or a breeder! PLEASE ADOPT! Give those rescued animals a new lease of life.

How to adopt a pet in Singapore?

There are plenty of Facebook groups offering you information and updates of available pets for adoption. Here, I'd just share more about how you can adopt a bunny.

Below is a list of (not all-inclusive and exhaustive) of organisations where you can view rabbits up for adoption:

3. Bunnies For Adoption Singapore (Facebook Group)

Adoption Process: First, you contact the organizer directly either through email or at pet adoption drives. Pet shelters will either ask you to fill up a questionnaire online or screen you face-to-face when you visit the bunny. It's just a casual meetup to see how you interact with the bunny. If you passed this round, you will be asked to fill up an adoption form before you bring the bunny home. Some stricter rescue centres may require a second round of screening where they will request for a house visit to your residence, to get an understanding on how the pet will be housed at your place. This is the time where you can ask them questions on how best to keep your bunny.

Adoption fee ranges from $30-100. A huge red flag is when the adoption fee is more than $100 for a healthy rabbit: beware these may be breeders or chaps who want to "sell off" a bunny. Be vigilant about WHO you adopt from.

Suggestion: Before you take the bunny home, ensure you bunny-proof your home and prepare the bunny's food & housing eg. a play pen or a sizeable cage. You will also need a pet carrier to transport the bunny home. It is good to lay some newspapers, litter and hay in your carrier to lessen the bunny's anxiety levels during transport.

Educate yourself by joining the Singapore rabbit owners communities! Aside from the links above, I find this one quite useful too

Feel free to ask me any question about keeping a bunny, or adopting one! I'd be very glad to help in any way. And for anybunny who is a fan of Hannah the bunny, follow @faithyvanitytable Instagram stories!

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